Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today's Mood: First Class of the Term

Feelin Good. Until we went through the syllybus and I remembered how much home work Harry assigns. We will be examining the European Union as a Peace Building System. There's a talker in the back of the room. Rats. We looked at three quotes out of context, redacted for anonimity, then attempted to identify the authors - 20th century leaders on variing degrees of nationalism and violence. The talker jumped in with Chrchhill for door number two, probably right, someone else said the Kaiser, and it did sound very officious and German. I offered Teddy Rooseveldt as Harry wanted more names. Hitlerwas named for quote 1 among many others. the last was definately more of a revolutionary than a government or establishment figure as 1 & 2. Quote three was Gamel Nasser showing remorse for shooting a man in assasination, then waking after a bad nights sleep to look for the paper hoping that his victim was alive. Most guesses on this quote were Russian revolutionary unnamed so I said Trotsky, the spanish civil War came up so I said Orwell.

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