Saturday, May 30, 2009

Golf with Brian Q

Played Golf with Brian Q today at Glendoveer.  Another one of those almost great rounds.  Didn't warm up, played behind unready golfers for the front nine, so hard to get my rhythm.  Missed several 3-4 footers.  The greens in Portland have sped up considerable with the hot weather.  I've been trying to get those short putts to fall in hole gently, but I think I need to be more on line for the really short ones.  Shot 86 and gave away 6 shots on the greens alone.  A 7 on # 6 (triple bogey) and a 6 on #15 & 17 (double bogies) were my only bad holes.  Nice string in the middle #8-9-10-11-12, one under par.  Hit the fairway and the green on every hole that stretch.  More like that.  Gave Brian Q a stroke a hole, he played the white tees, I played the blue.

Glendoveer Golf Course West Par 71 Blue Tees 5733
White Tees 5427

Par 4-4-4-3-4-4-4-4-5  36   4-4-3-4-4-5-4-4-3  35 71

Brian O'C 5-5-5-4-5-7-5-4-4  44   4-4-3-5-5-6-5-6-4  42 86
Brian Q 5-7-5-8-8-6-8-5-5  57    6-5-6-8-6-8-6-6-4   55 112
       NET    4-6-4-7-7-5-7-4-4  48   5-4-5-7-5-7-5-5-3    46       94  

Next time I'll give Brian a few more strokes.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


"the sixth person on the current nine-member panel with a Roman Catholic background." nytimes

Another Roman Catholic on the Supreme Court.  

  • Roman Catholic (23.9%)
  • no religion (16.1%)
When is my identity group going to have representation on the Court?  If 23% of U.S. citizens are R.C. why is 66% of the Supreme Court Catholic?  

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Death with Dignity

Linda Fleming, 66, of Sequim, Wash., died Thursday evening after taking lethal medication prescribed by a doctor under the law, according to a news release by the group, Compassion and Choices of Washington. The release said Ms. Fleming received a diagnosis of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer a month ago, and “she was told she was actively dying.”

Ms. Fleming was quoted in the release as saying: “I am a very spiritual person, and it was very important to me to be conscious, clear-minded and alert at the time of my death. The powerful pain medications were making it difficult to maintain the state of mind I wanted to have at my death.”

Thanks Linda, and If you have one Godspeed.  We have many freinds and reletives in Sequim, a very progressive corner of Washington.  Peace & Love.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's Mood: In Love

Skippy sent me to Bulgarian Idol.  I'll have this song in my head the rest of the day, hopefully not in Engrish.

Ellsbury Again

Jacoby Ellsbury led off the first with a double, extending his hitting streak to 16 games. He took third on Dustin Pedroia's groundout and scored on another groundout by David Ortiz.  Game Summery.  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mighty Bosox

The game's first ball put in play sent Ellsbury drifting back, and he snagged it. The second ball put in play forced Ellsbury to turn, sprint, and snare the ball just before running into the wall. The start was fitting. Ellsbury recorded nine of Penny's first 13 outs, and 10 of 17 overall. By the end of the game - which Ellsbury finished with a catch - he had 12 putouts, tying a major league record.  Also D. Ortiz homers, fans go crazy.  

Jacoby Ellsbury, carrying on that Oregon Bosox connection.  

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dead

Drove up the Gorge to the concert in George, Washington.  Beautiful, sunny weather the whole way, drove right to the campground.  Parked the truck and walked around to look for Amy and Brian Q.  Found them!  And someone had moved and there was a spot open right next to them!  Drove the truck around, set up camp, and was happy.  Saw Dan and Michelle on the way in, but they had to return to their car, and we looked but did not connect inside.  Hot, Hot, Hot, for the Doobies and the Allmans, starting to cool down in the evening when the Dead came out.  They played several songs I had never heard before live.  Days Between I don't think I had ever heard before on tape, by anyone.  Brian Q. also did not know this song, our neighbors said Van Morrison, I need to look it up.  Phil was awesome on Tom Thumbs Blues!  They played Women Are Smarter!  I have only heard this once before, on Margo and Brian O'C's first date.  I've been waiting twenty years to hear them play this song again.  Hell In A Bucket cooked.  Althea was great, another song I haven't heard for fifteen years.  The drum solo>space was the best I have heard in years.  Closed the show with Box Of Rain, one of my favorites.  

(Set 1) The Music Never Stopped Loose Lucy Crazy Fingers Dark Star Dire Wolf Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Into The Mystic Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

(Set 2) Passenger Hell in a Bucket Althea Eyes Of The World Drums Space Days Between Dark Star One More Saturday Night

(Encore) Box Of Rain

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Car Free Living

NYTimes article on a car free suburban development in Germany.  

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pluto will always be a planet!

Obit on the little girl who named the planet Pluto in 1930, Venetia Phair.  "In the year 4,000 A.D., when Pluto is hollowed out and millions of people are living inside,” he said, “the name of Venetia Burney may be the only thing that Great Britain is remembered for".  

Monday, May 4, 2009

Old & New Portland

Atrios had a map of the old streetcar system in Portland.  The next link to be (re-)built is from Union Station to Portland State.  We live off that L-shape spur in NE PDX.  In 1912 I could have walked a block in either direction to catch a streetcar to downtown.  40 minutes on my bike ride to Portland State.  Here is the current map of lightrail, commuter train, trolley, and bus.  Bicycling is part of the solution.