Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dead

Drove up the Gorge to the concert in George, Washington.  Beautiful, sunny weather the whole way, drove right to the campground.  Parked the truck and walked around to look for Amy and Brian Q.  Found them!  And someone had moved and there was a spot open right next to them!  Drove the truck around, set up camp, and was happy.  Saw Dan and Michelle on the way in, but they had to return to their car, and we looked but did not connect inside.  Hot, Hot, Hot, for the Doobies and the Allmans, starting to cool down in the evening when the Dead came out.  They played several songs I had never heard before live.  Days Between I don't think I had ever heard before on tape, by anyone.  Brian Q. also did not know this song, our neighbors said Van Morrison, I need to look it up.  Phil was awesome on Tom Thumbs Blues!  They played Women Are Smarter!  I have only heard this once before, on Margo and Brian O'C's first date.  I've been waiting twenty years to hear them play this song again.  Hell In A Bucket cooked.  Althea was great, another song I haven't heard for fifteen years.  The drum solo>space was the best I have heard in years.  Closed the show with Box Of Rain, one of my favorites.  

(Set 1) The Music Never Stopped Loose Lucy Crazy Fingers Dark Star Dire Wolf Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Into The Mystic Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

(Set 2) Passenger Hell in a Bucket Althea Eyes Of The World Drums Space Days Between Dark Star One More Saturday Night

(Encore) Box Of Rain

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