Saturday, May 30, 2009

Golf with Brian Q

Played Golf with Brian Q today at Glendoveer.  Another one of those almost great rounds.  Didn't warm up, played behind unready golfers for the front nine, so hard to get my rhythm.  Missed several 3-4 footers.  The greens in Portland have sped up considerable with the hot weather.  I've been trying to get those short putts to fall in hole gently, but I think I need to be more on line for the really short ones.  Shot 86 and gave away 6 shots on the greens alone.  A 7 on # 6 (triple bogey) and a 6 on #15 & 17 (double bogies) were my only bad holes.  Nice string in the middle #8-9-10-11-12, one under par.  Hit the fairway and the green on every hole that stretch.  More like that.  Gave Brian Q a stroke a hole, he played the white tees, I played the blue.

Glendoveer Golf Course West Par 71 Blue Tees 5733
White Tees 5427

Par 4-4-4-3-4-4-4-4-5  36   4-4-3-4-4-5-4-4-3  35 71

Brian O'C 5-5-5-4-5-7-5-4-4  44   4-4-3-5-5-6-5-6-4  42 86
Brian Q 5-7-5-8-8-6-8-5-5  57    6-5-6-8-6-8-6-6-4   55 112
       NET    4-6-4-7-7-5-7-4-4  48   5-4-5-7-5-7-5-5-3    46       94  

Next time I'll give Brian a few more strokes.

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