Sunday, January 11, 2009

Foriegn Exchange

Daljit Dhaliwal

Independent Diplomat - Will coach groups lacking diplomatic corps -groups must commit to Diplomacy, Dialogue, Civil Rights, Rule of Law.

Women's Work - Men depopulated after massacres forced women to take control of family coffee farms. Discover they are better farmers than thier husbands and fathers and grandfathers. Women make up 1/2 the Parlement. There is yearly Reconciliation remembreence ceremonies.

Global Super Class - Author David Rothkopf. 2% [people] controls 50% [property, wealth]; 50% [people] control 1% [property, wealth]. 6% of the Power Elite are Women, worldwide Women in Government is 17%. C.E.Os after WWII made 30X the base worker's pay, now the rate is 350X the base worker's pay.

Comments on the Amazon Rain Forest, who owns it? Brazil concerned about interference.

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