Monday, January 12, 2009

News Hour

Host: Jim L

Bush's Last Presser: Manic Depression! Bi Polar!! Angry Bush, Funny Bush.

Talking Heads hosted by Judy W.

Trudy Rubin - Philly Inq. Surge? Rummy? Going well?!!? The whole region has suffered from Bush's attack on Iraq, which sqandered the good will earned in Afganistan. Harsh. Ouch!! Keep Punching!!! Gee Trudy, now I can see why you didn't last long at the Oregonian.

Byron York - National Review. No Mistake in Iraq!!11!!!1

Ruy Texiera - Century Foundation. Wrecked the country, did nothing domestic, no reform Health Care, Education, Worse in every area.

Michael Gerson - Wash Post. Surge Success!!11!! Babbleling!!11!! Iraq a Giant Eclipse on Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, Bush Shinola on me!!!11!

Lebanon looks at Gaza. Jeffery B in Beirut. Rami Khouri characterizes Hamas Sunni - Hezb'allah Shia. Fighting the Opressor always looks good, even if the goals of the group fighting the oppressor are repugnent. Whaleed Jamblatt's family tradition is to be assasinated, him not yet. The violence in Gaza will "wash away the Moderates" in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon. Nasrallah denounces the violence, but does not open a Nortern Front against Isreal. Comments on how this may show weakness. All other political parties in Lebanon now respect Hezb'allah only for thier violence.

Obama meets with Calderon. Drugs go North, Guns go South.

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