Tuesday, January 6, 2009

News Hour

Monday 05 January 2009

Host: Jim L

O-man: Economic Plan, Intell appiontment Leon P, meeting with Nancy P, and then bipartisan meeting, John B looking like a plump tomato next to his pasty faced collegues, Bill R out at Commerce.

Domestic and Japanese auto sellers, worst December ever.

Illinois Senate seat, Harry R boxed into a corner, He is however a former boxer, so he'll be swinging.

Minnisota Senate seat, Al F up by 225 votes, out of 3 million cast. This one the republicans will fight, vs. abovwhere they will try to acerbate the train wreck.

Lsreal-Gaza violence. Independent Television News clip.

Bagdad Embassy opens, largest, expensive, et cetera.

Bernie Madoff.

Followups on: Barrack O to D.C.
Isreali government vs. Hamas government. Civilians used as pawns by both governments.
Bernie M.

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