Sunday, January 11, 2009

Friday Nite Talking Heads

News Hour Jim L Host

Mention of Florida Gators at end of summery.

Rey S on the jobs report.

Judy W on the Rescue Plan. Former Sen Sununu, over site panel on how bailout money spent. Rep Barney F shows what is needed to get Legislation thru Congress.

Paul S Goes to National Economists Conference in San Francisco, and asks why didn't you warn us. Self-correcting market. People protect themselves. Lizard Brain. Drug culture - Inebreation. Risk Blind in S.F. re: Earthquake.

Sheilds and Brooks: Econ Plan
Brooks: Too complicated, Obama trying to move agenda with/as stimulus.
Shields: Consulting with Congress, who need to watch ougt for the off year elections. Needs to explain, Be instrument of change.
Brooks: Whoa! Slow Down, Ya move too fast!!! Paul K agrees with Me! Blue Dogs! Important! Repubs! Important. Don't wanna get those groups anrgy!!
Shields: Solemn. Sober. Serious. True B Obama is patience.
Brooks Tax Cuts!
Sheilds: The Joys of Ballet.
Panetta @ C.I.A.
Sheilds: Great guy known sice my Proxmire days, great polititian.
Brooks: Agree.
Burris @ Senate
Shields: Waiting the game.
Brooks: Seated.

Last segment on Gaza Isreal violence. 800 dead Gazans, 1/2 Civilian, many children. 50? 15? I missed it dead Isrealis, 3 Civilians. No cease fire. U.S. abstains from U.N. vote.

No U.S. War dead announced.

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