Wednesday, January 14, 2009

News Hour

Tuned in Late...Cheney!!! Exit Interview...Osama Bin Laden not important, Al Queda was. Abu Z...dead. Other Senior Leadership...dead!!!11!

Jim Lehrer: Most powerful Vice President in the most failed Presidency?
Dick Cheney: Dead wrong. [follows with long list of 'successes']

JL: Domestic?
DC: Tax Cuts! Sad. '08 problems, but not just U.S. problem, worldwide. TARP!
JL: Success??
DC: Don't blame GWB!!
JL: No prevention or forwarning?
DC: Sad. No foresight.
JL: Poor rating, bad as Quayle.
DC: Polls?? Hah! Some questioned the legitimacy of our Administration, et cetera. [Ugh] Ford looked great for pardon 30 years later.
JL: Govern for the present?
DC: That's what elections are for. Tough, Jim. [Tough three times] better than loved? Who cares about polls?
JL: Leaving with disapproval?
DC: When I get out people love me.
JL: Dick Cheney. Changed?
DC: No, no, no. 9/11 changed. Protect the Homeland! Now Urban Nuke Threat!! [the threat was less before your reign] I read the Intell reports.
JL: Lessse?
DC: Joe Liberman my kind of Democrat agrees with me.
JL: Sue Crawford says mistakes were made.
DC: These techniques were fully authorized by the Justice Department. Probably a misunderstanding over Degee of Difficulty, not Form.. I still give the traetment a 10. Justice Department Approved!!
JL: Not a mistake?
DC: Like Abe Graib, bad apples, bad treatment. Policy, Legal Department O-kay, Results [wha...tell me more].
JL: Policy?
DC: Ab-So-Lute-Ly.
JL: Health?
DC: Heart Attack? Phush! I'm 68! Stressed! It's cool. My Health Care is great. [Phush!]
JL: President Cheney?
DC: No way! No regrets.

Hard to even comment, so I won't. Good Riddence.

Barrack O's appointee Tim G tax and Housekeeper issue.

Paul S asks about 2009. Hamster Wheel.

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