Thursday, December 18, 2008

News Hour

Missed the Top Stories. Leading with Jeff B on Obama's Cabinet picks for today - Kirk at Trade, Solis at Labor, and Mary Shapiro at SEC. The three talking heads I did not know. One from American Prospect. They all seemed to think that Mary S has the regulatory chops. If they mentioned the other two picks I must of missed it. Solis is a good pick from what I have read about her in the past.

Next, Detriot crisis. Bush is worried about three things. Ummm...yeah. But the last one was leaving a critical mess for his inheritor? what's the opposite od predicessor? Judy W had a couple of heads, one local Detroit, same old.

Next was scary Tijauna story about drug gangs and their turf wars. death rates approaching Bagdad levels. Really gross dismemberment stuff. Columbian traffic now ruled by Mexicans, Federales cracking down on the cartels, cartels cracking down on each other. Translated quote: There used to be honor, if you needed to be killed and were with your kids, the killers would come back later. Now not so. Everybody needs to have thier revenge. U.S. needs to decriminalize and end the war on drugs. Cui Bono?

Last a long segment on Pastor Rick Warren chosen for Invocation at the Inauguration. Rev Lowry will give the Benediction. I would of course hope that we can some day stop giving superstitios thanks to make believe figments of our immagination. I don't think we are there yet. The gay rights activist was rightly pissed that the O-man would pick this Neanderthal. The other talking head was more: Oh Rick is so well respected all over the world, Oh he's the new Billy Grahm, Oh it not even a cabinet postsn't it a great thing!!! The people protesting this choice are trying to portray Rick W as a right wing nut job because of his beliefs. Well if the shoe fits, ya know. All believers are nut jobs. Gay Rights talking head responds with Rick W story about how the attempts to have a dialog with Rick W have been rebuffed, so protestors have been picketting Rick W's church. Rick says he brought 'those peple' coffee and donuts at thier last protest. Activist replies, we don't want coffee and donots we want a rational discussion of very important discrimination issue, and do not want to be characteized as criminals by Americ's Pastor. Ended with nonsense about how high there prayers will go. Ummmm...not very far. obama can choose who he wants because it doesn't matter. It would only matter if he said, "We don't need this anymore, it doesn't make any sense. We are going to solve our problems through hard work, not by waiting for the intersession of a creation of our own imagination.

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