Wednesday, December 17, 2008

News Hour Update and Weather check

News Hour led with Madoff story and related SEC self investigation story. Didn't know the talking heads on who talked about how shocked they were...that this could go on so long. Most Ponzis come a cropper much sooner than Bernie M's.

U.S Senators - 4 of 'em - need appointing. All Demos - curse you Barack Obama! Whata conumdrum you have given the Governors of these states. a fifth one is still counting the votes in Minnesota. A two year place holder in Deleware seems to be the easy out. The lions will be circling the kill in Illinois for a while. Can Carloline K grab the ring. And now Colorado to replace Ken S.

The Womans 10-bean soup project was one of those cool things that gives me hope. Small changes affect,

Somali piracy - what to do? U.S. Admiral (Ret) says we can now go asore per U.N. resolution to chase the pirates and free the raNSOMMED crew members. Somali Human Right workedr says the U.N. and U.S. need to created the kind of gOvernment so that self ruled people cannot be living in the fear and povderty that is the breeding ground fo \\ r this type of 'alleged' piracy. Bad all around really. Again I think a casde for early and force full intervention byb the world community.

A perfect example of where the fire fighter model is for. Isn't this exactly what a firefighter is called upon tgo do? They are in the Firehouse and fready to go with supplies and pumpers. they have been driving around testing pumps and pressure, training and waiting forf tnhe earliest warning that a conflagretion is breaking out. then they rush to that place and immediatly bring the situation under control, stgop the spread and put it out. Stazrt an investigation if it looks like there i s a crime. return to the Fire house, debref, and prepare to put out the next fire. FIrefighters are so well respecte, society pays them well, insurance, health care, survivor benifits- because it ids a dangerous job.

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