Friday, March 12, 2010


I hate it when the rat eats the p-nut butter off the trap and doesn't spring it. Oooh, but that makes me think, its only a matter of time baby! I saw the rat myself last weekend when the sun was shining, and I was enjoying the moment on the patio against the warm wall. The rat was across the patio against the garage wall. It paused then darted through the open door into the garage. Gross. I thought it was a squirrel at first glance. It was huge. We have chickens, we store grain and throw it out on the ground. The rat didn't look worried about its next meal. Verry soon the cat comes around the corner of the garage, but must go around the chicken fence that the rat can squeeze through. Margo brought home a couple of new traps when she went to the grocery store. I baited one with peanut butter. The next day sprung, p-nut butter gone, and spring broken. Grrrr. That's gonna get my Irish up! Second trap gets p-nut butter eaten off it, not sprung, for a couple of days. Margo and Mick see the rat ... Cross The Street! from Paula's to under our truck then through a hole in the fence. Actually, she used the word waddle. I know its the heart of the hood, but a rat that brazen cannot stand. Awoke this morning and when I let the chickens out. Yess!!11!!11 Woohoo! Margo came out to see and said, "I knew it right away!" I think the rat is not in the trap cause the cat played with it. Maybee it shook off the trap in its death fight. Died of a heart attack, when the thing went off? I'd be setting up the webcam if the p-nut butter kept disappearing.

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