Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jon Swift

I didn't start blogging until after I had quit my office job. I knew it would be too tempting to sit and blog all day, doing even less work than when I was just reading other people's stuff 'on break'. I first started reading Jon Swift during the Bush years, and immediately loved his prose. Also, anyone of Irish extraction who is even mildly cynical should love the work of Jonathan Swift. That may have been what caught my eye first, but I stayed for the snark. Always delivered with a smile, I thought. I would like to write that way. When I did start my blog, Jon Swift was on my Blogs I Like To Read list. When the posts stopped coming, I was bummed, but checked regularly to see if Jon Swift had started blogging again, as the last post was ambiguous. Now that I know why(Blogger mlfcyw said...), I can go back and visit the archives. And thanks Mom for letting us know.

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