Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Job!

Been trained on a lot of things at work, but mostly will be checking people in at registration, then at the end of my shift touring the loops looking for messes and any problems, driving out to the Peter Iredale (P.I. in the lingo) and Lot D to lock the restrooms, lock the gates at Coffenbury and Battery Russell, et cetera. Rode my bike to work a couple of times, saw big herd of elk. One night locking up the P.I. saw the biggest cow elk! Like a moose.

People I work with are great. Ft Stevens largest campground west of the Mississippi. All sites have power and water, half have water, power, and sewer. Only one loop for tent campers, and one loop for bicycle campers (can use the regular sites anyway). We are booked every weekend through the summer starting next weekend, and many weeks through the middle of the summer are fully booked.

[Took a break for dinner and to get back in uniform so Margo could take a picture.]

Deceased Minke whale beached on Clatsop Spit, was buried before I could see it. Cause of death: alleged ingested plastic bags. Big wind storm this week, very low pressure system, but no problems this time.

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