Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow In Portland

Snowed heavy today on the commute home. I passed alot of cars that were going to be sitting in traffic for a long time. It was supposed to rain after a little snow, but alot fell. I ride a mountain bike to work, knobby tires, and had no problem coming home. Of course, I grew up in Masssachusetts, so know how to drive in the snow. I had several cars spinning the wheels and sliding sideways in front of me. Scary. Was yelled at to stay in the bike lane. Buddy, I was in the bike lane, you couldn't see the lines because they were under the snow. That lady I drove around...She was in the bike lane. Later, in front of the police station! a guy blew a stop sign right in front of me. I rode up to him at the next intersection and told him that I saw him run that stop sign. He just stared through the window at me. My bike seat came apart on me and damn near goosed me, but I made it home safely. Still snowing!

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