Monday, April 13, 2009

Grateful Dead

Brian & Margo in the New York Times. Picture taken at George, Washington. We will go and see the Dead again this May. All day event with Allman Bros. and Doobie Bros. I have never seen the Doobie Bros, but have seen the Almanns many times, and once with Dead in Springfield Mass Civic Center. That concert was in the $7.50 ticket days. The Doobies were allways a little pop for me but I've seen some great openers through the years: Warren Zevon in Boulder comes to mind, and Chuck Berry at Portland Meadows, Jimmy Cliff at Autzen, et cetera. At the concert left, The Dead played two four hour sets and two encores (a good thing to catch the last show of a tour). As the sun was going down I realized that this was my first outdoor at night Dead show-amazing!

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